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This Non-Touristy Santorini Village Has So Many Fun Things To Do

Emporio, the Santorini village that many people know about but very few ever visit. 

Those looking for a genuine Greek experience away from the usual tourist bustle will find refuge in this non-touristy town. When we think about Santorini, The vibrant and bustling scenes come to mind, particularly in popular tourist spots like Oia and Fira. These locations can get very crowded with tourists at peak season, along with cruise ship crowds and the bustling noise of tourism. The recognizable blue-domed churches, white-washed buildings, and spectacular vistas of the caldera are indeed beautiful, but the sheer number of visitors often detracts from the allure. 

Emporio, on the other hand, provides a quieter and authentic Santorini experience, allowing you to get away from the busy streets and fully experience the peaceful local way of life. 

Fun Things To Do in Emporio 

Discover the Historical Kasteli

Explore the medieval core of Emporio—Kasteli—to begin your journey. Climb to the top for panoramic views of the village and beyond. The maze-like structure of Kasteli promises delightful surprises, with hidden corners and archways just waiting to be found.

A stroll up to the windmills

Set off on a picturesque trek to the windmills situated atop the hill with a stunning view of Emporio. The stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the Aegean Sea make the effort worthwhile. At the lofty vantage point, you can spend some peaceful time and capture the ideal Instagram-worthy moment.

Go to the Sand Dunes Beach Perissa

Visit Perissa Beach, which is well-known for its black sand and glistening waves, to unwind. Perissa provides an alternative beach experience to Santorini's famous caldera beaches where you can enjoy water sports, beachside dining at tavernas, or just lounging on the shore.

Sample Regional Foods

Dine in the neighborhood tavernas in Emporio to fully experience the tastes of Santorini. The village's restaurants offer a culinary trip that represents the island's rich culinary past, featuring dishes like fresh seafood and classic moussaka. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy each bite while taking in the picturesque surroundings.

Tips to Book Accommodations for an Authentic Experience

1. Plan for Unique Finds

Because of their popularity, Emporio's special stays frequently have limited availability. Make travel arrangements well in advance, particularly if you have your eye on a certain historic villa or quaint guesthouse. Making reservations in advance guarantees that you'll get your preferred lodging and have a better travel experience.

2. Adopt a Calm Speed

In contrast to busy tourist destinations, Emporio moves more slowly. Accept this part of village life and extend your stay to discover hidden spots that you might miss on a quick visit.

3. Make Friends with Locals

When making your hotel reservations, choose villas or guest houses run by people who are enthusiastic about sharing Emporio's natural beauty. These hosts may even arrange for their visitors to participate in cultural activities. They frequently offer insider tips and suggest lesser-known sites.

4. Explore Beyond Your Stay

Remember to venture out from your door. Walk through the narrow streets of Emporio, talk to locals, and take in the unique ambiance that sets this village apart from the island's more popular destinations.

5. Take Part in Local Events

Watch for events or activities that your lodging has arranged for the community. In Emporio, a lot of the classic villas and guesthouses take part in community events, such as cooking classes and cultural festivals. Engaging in these activities makes your visit more authentic.

This less-known Santorini village has a ton more enjoyable things to offer. If you're looking for a unique experience on this well-known Greek island, Emporio welcomes you with open arms. Book your stay in advance on Viator to secure the best options and get ready to explore the village life.

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