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Mesmerizing Auroras in Iceland: A Destination for Chasing the Northern Lights in the New Year.

As the year comes to an end, Iceland turns into a spectacular sight. Travelers looking for a unique way to start the New Year should picture the captivating Northern Lights, that dance across the night sky. As the world prepares to begin a new chapter in December, Iceland comes across as one of the most magical locations to see this celestial show.

As the clock ticks towards midnight, Northern lights change the atmosphere, making the New Year's celebration in Iceland genuinely unforgettable. 

Magnificent Northern Lights During the Season 

Iceland is covered in a perfect coating of snow in December, which turns the country into a winter wonderland. There's nothing better way to take in the wonder of the holidays than by gazing up at the Northern Lights. You’re surrounded by the ethereal glow, which would create a beautiful sight on the icy background. 

Why December?

Iceland's December nights are at their longest, providing ample time for the Northern Lights to grace the sky. The best time to see auroras is from October to March in Iceland. But the extended darkness in December makes it even easier to see the auroras, providing a close-up view of the natural light display. When you're organizing your New Year's vacation, remember that December promises to be a breathtaking month for stargazing.

Top Locations for Best Views of Northern Lights in Iceland

1. Reykjavik: Northern and City Lights

Start with Reykjavik, the center of Iceland. The city's singular combination of auroras and city lights produces an otherworldly visual show. Think about, for a second, ringing in the New Year with a kaleidoscope of colors that perfectly combines the energy of the city with the splendor of the outdoors.

2. Thingvellir National Park

Another ideal spot for a truly immersive experience is Thingvellir National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage site, nestled between tectonic plates, provides a stunning backdrop for watching the Northern Lights. As the lights dance above your head, you’ll feel like you're in a cosmic theater with the untouched beauty of Icelandic nature all around you.

Some Useful Advice

1. Get your Outfits Right 

Bundle up layers of warm clothing to enjoy Iceland's winter. Make sure you have boots and jackets that are waterproof, gloves, woolen socks and, of course, thermal base layers. The brisk air and sparkling auroras await so come prepared to remain warm and fashionable.

2. Celebrate New Year with Fireworks and Auroras 

Celebrate the New Year with fireworks and auroras lighting up the Icelandic sky as the clock strikes midnight and make the most of your New Year's Eve celebration. Look for regional festivities and take part in the fun. 

When you stand under the Northern Lights, saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, you'll see why Iceland in December is such a magnificent choice to celebrate the New Year. 

Make reservations today for an amazing vacation where the charm of the season holidays unfolds against the backdrop of Iceland's winter and snowflakes meet auroras. 

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