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London: Delve into Literary History with a Tour of Shakespeare's Haunts

London's literary past has an unbreakable connection to it being the birthplace of William Shakespeare. It has important sites to explore, which pay tribute to his enduring legacy. The cobblestone streets where you can't only relive but feel up close the stories about the greatest playwright of all time. 

Let us go back to the days of poetic passion and dramatic intrigue, where Shakespeare's soul still keeps on to amaze everyone who enters the city’s hallowed grounds.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is an accurate imitation of the historic playhouse where William Shakespeare's works were first performed. Go through its wooden doors to live in the Elizabethan era, where the air buzzes with anticipation and the stage crackles with excitement. The construction precisely replicates the ancient Globe, from its domed roof to its open-air design, offering visitors a peek into the theatrical world of Shakespeare's day.

Location: The Globe Theatre, strategically located on the banks of the River Thames, provides a stunning background to the London skyline, inviting tourists to embark on a journey through time amongst the rush and bustle of modern city life.

Highlights: Visitors to the Globe can enjoy guided tours that take visitors through the theater's history, sharing stories of Shakespearean drama and the Globe's own incredible journey. Live performances, played with painstaking attention to detail, transport viewers to Shakespeare's plays, where passion, tragedy, and comedy all combine. The workshops provide a hands-on opportunity to explore the language, techniques, and traditions that have made Shakespeare's works timeless classics.

Why Visit: To step into the very essence of his world—to breathe the same air, hear the same words, and feel the same emotions that once echoed through its hallowed halls. 

The George Inn

The George Inn is the city's oldest surviving galleried coaching inn and a testimony to its rich legacy. Its timber-framed front and unique Tudor architecture take tourists in a time when weary travelers sought relief and fellowship amidst London’s rush and bustling life. The lovely courtyards and intimate interiors give off an appealing old-world charm, that compels you to stay and soak up the atmosphere of centuries before.

Location: The George Inn, located in the heart of Southwark and just a stone's throw from the iconic London Bridge, provides easy access to some of London's most beloved sites and attractions.

Highlights: The fascination of The George Inn stems not only from its architectural beauty but also from its rich history and legacy. It's one of London's most storied buildings with historical connections, including those to William Shakespeare himself. Shakespeare and others of his time are claimed to have frequented the inn in search of inspiration, comfort, and possibly a pint or two of ale. You can gawk at the oak-beamed ceilings and weathered stone floors that once hosted literary and cultural stars.

Why Visit: Travel back to a time of brave knights, energetic bards, and busy bars. Among the flickering candlelight and sounds of happy laughter, you can have an elaborate meal in the historic tavern or just soak in the aura of centuries-old surroundings.


Stratford-upon-Avon is where William Shakespeare was born and buried. This attractive market town, rooted in history and brimming with old-world charm, stands as a living testimony to Bard's enduring legacy, attracting people from far away to follow in his footsteps and explore the places that shaped his life and work.

Location: Located in the heart of Warwickshire, just a two-hour drive from London's bustling streets, Stratford-upon-Avon entices visitors with its picturesque countryside location and timeless beauty. 

Highlights: Begin your tour in Shakespeare's Birthplace, a magnificently restored Tudor home where the poet spent his early years. Wander around the rooms where Shakespeare played as a youngster and wrote some of his most famous works. Then, see Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Shakespeare's wife's lovely cottage built amidst fragrant gardens and rolling green fields. You can see into Shakespearean family life here, surrounded by the peace of the English countryside, and gaze at the ageless romance that inspired the Bard's sonnets.

Why Visit: It’s a unique opportunity to connect with Shakespeare's soul and experience the magic of his hometown firsthand. You'll walk the same streets, breathe the same air, and see the same landscapes that once inspired him.

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