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Get on a Tulip-Filled Adventure in Amsterdam

Amsterdam invites travelers from all over the world to see the breathtaking beauty of tulips in bloom. Every street is painted here with the colors of tulips, making the city a gorgeous wonderland. You'll think you've stepped into a real-life painting as you walk along the roads, with the brilliant colors of nature. The best months to see tulips in Amsterdam are April and May but the season starts from late March with views that capture the essence of the beauty of spring. 

So join us as we explore this magical city and its tulip hotspots, and you'll see why viewing Amsterdam, Netherlands tulip gardens is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Keukenhof Flower Garden in Amsterdam 

Visit the well-known Keukenhof Gardens, where seven million tulips are waiting to captivate your senses. The fields upon fields of a variety of tulips meet the horizon, each bloom competing with the next in an assortment of shades for your attention. 

The breathtaking floral displays and themed gardens will leave you speechless at every step, but the splendor doesn't stop there. Visit at off-peak hours to avoid the crowds and be sure not to miss must-see sights like the old windmill and quaint pavilions tucked away inside the gardens.

The best way to get Keukenhof from Amsterdam is by taking a direct bus from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport or Amsterdam Central Station. These buses operate regularly during the Keukenhof season, typically from late March to early May, making it easy for visitors to access the famous tulip gardens. Alternatively, you can also opt for a guided tour package that includes hassle-free transportation to and from Keukenhof.

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Visit the Amsterdam Tulip Museum for a trip back in time and learn about the interesting history of tulips in Dutch culture. This museum provides an enthralling tour through the rich history of tulips, from the modest beginnings of tulip cultivation to the notorious tulip frenzy of the 17th century. 

Join workshops that go deeper into the craft of tulip cultivation and explore interactive exhibitions featuring a variety of tulip types. Learn about the Dutch Golden Age and how tulips became a symbol of wealth and status during this extraordinary historical era.

Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market)

Breathe in the colorful energy of the Bloemenmarkt, the city’s well-known floating flower market. Walk by the canal-side booths that are decked up in tulip bulbs, flowers, and trinkets, all urging you to bring a little bit of Amsterdam's tulip bloom back home with you. 

The Bloemenmarkt is perfect for free tulips day in Amsterdam, whether you're looking for a unique tulip type to plant in your garden or are just looking for a special gift to remember your vacation. For the freshest blossoms, visit in the early morning. Also, keep an eye out for unusual and exotic tulip species that are likely to catch your attention.

Tulip Tours and Activities 

During tulip season, take a scenic canal tour across Amsterdam's famous waterways. Drift along the peaceful canals and take in the beautiful views of vast tulip fields. As you glide through the water, guides offer fascinating facts about Amsterdam's rich tulip past. 

For an extra touch of magic, book a sunset boat and watch the tulips bask in the golden warmth of the evening sun - it's an unforgettable sight! Exploring the city on a guided bike tour, where you can peddle through scenic pathways and uncover secret tulip-filled treasures away from the masses.

Tulip-themed Experiences

Explore the dazzling world of Amsterdam tulips in March/April at Amsterdam's annual Tulip Festival, which turns the city into a flowery fantasy. You can see the artwork, tulip carvings, and gorgeous floral decorations that provide a pop of color to every corner. Check the festival calendar for guided tours and special events.

You can relish tulip-inspired cuisine and drinks like tulip-shaped pastries, floral-infused drinks, and specially designed menus with inventive tulip-inspired cuisine at neighborhood cafes. 

De Kas is a restaurant that specializes in tulip-inspired cuisine. This place, housed in a greenhouse, may not offer specific tulip-themed dishes, but they serve delicacies cooked with fresh, seasonal ingredients gathered straight from their own greenhouse and nearby farms. 

Amsterdam truly is a blossoming wonderland in the spring. Let each petal infuse you with long-lasting freshness and scent to make your trip out of this world. Book your guided tours, cruises and experiences on to get the best discounts and exclusive deals.

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