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Explore Mumbai's Delectable World of Street Food

Mumbai, sometimes dubbed the "City of Dreams," is also lauded as the "City of Street Foods," a title it rightfully deserves. Amidst the everyday bustle, it's a culinary haven where merchants proudly sit at their modest mobile stores, called thellas, offering a taste of street food that can only be found here. As the dawn breaks, the city's streets come alive with tremendous energy, coming from the plethora of food vendors that line every area. 

From the iconic Vada Pav to the mouthwatering Pav Bhaji, Mumbai's streets are a culinary playground where both visitors and locals alike come to indulge in the city's most beloved dishes. This scene plays out every morning without fail – office-goers, students, and tourists alike flock to their favorite street food vendors. 

Come join us and discover why Mumbai's street food experience is unparalleled and you must have one.

Vada Pav - iconic Mumbai street food

If you're in Dadar, these go-to places are best to have an authentic Vada Pav experience—Ashok Vada Pav and Shivaji Vada Pav. These locations are not only popular but also known for doing Vada Pav exceptionally well. 

While Ashok Vada Pav's secret is in the soft pav bread, Shivaji Vada Pav excels at making crispy potato patties. These spots have a loyal fanbase and offer a genuine flavor of Mumbai's street food culture. 

Bombay Sandwich - a flavorful and filling snack

There are popular places in Vile Parle that offer some of the greatest Bombay Sandwiches in the city. The first place to try is Amar Juice Centre, where the sandwiches are stuffed full of flavorful spreads and crunchy vegetables, giving every bite an explosion of taste. 

Then there's Anand Stall, which has become known for consistently serving sandwiches toasted to golden with a range of fillings to pick from. A visit to these spots is perfect for your next sandwich fix.

Pav Bhaji - Mumbai's beloved mashed vegetable dish

Three restaurants are particularly well-known for their Pav Bhaji dishes. The first place on the list is Sardar Pav Bhaji in Tardeo, where the bhaji is cooked to perfection and has a flavorful, meaty consistency that makes customers want to return time and time again. 

Next, Cannon Pav Bhaji in CST tantalizes the taste buds with their exclusive spice blend that makes their Pav Bhaji stand out. Last yet not least, Achija in Versova offers a modern take on the traditional dish, raising the bar for the Pav Bhaji experience with irresistible flavors and the use of premium ingredients. 

Bhel Puri - a crunchy and tangy Mumbai street snack

In terms of Bhel Puri, three spots are exceptional. First up, the Elco Pani Puri Centre in Bandra, where the freshly made ingredients and flawless flavor combination enhance Bhel Puri into an art form. 

Next up, Juhu Chowpatty, a popular seaside resort noted for its lively mood and delectable street snacks that include savory Bhel Puris that's served to enjoy with a view. 

Finally, Crawford Market's Badshah is a favorite among both locals and visitors, providing a traditional Bhel Puri experience with its ample toppings and tangy chutneys. These locations are essential for discovering the real spirit of Bhel Puri in Mumbai, whether you're exploring the vibrant marketplaces or taking an easy walk along the beach.

Pani Puri - a popular street food involving hollow puris filled with flavored water

In Mumbai's culinary scene, panipuri has a unique place. Two places in particular stand out for providing excellent pani puri. The first on the list is Elco Pani Puri Centre in Bandra, which is popular for its crispy, fresh puris and a wide range of delicious waters suitable for all palates. 

Andheri's Dilli Chaat, which gives a distinctive take on the traditional Pani Puri, is another option. Their creative flavors and superior ingredients will entice you to return for more.

Even though the aroma of the city's street cuisine eventually fades and the memory of mouthwatering flavors stays, one thing is clear: Mumbai's food scene is unlike anything else.

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