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Discover Portugal's Unique and Unknown Traditions.

If you want to explore Portugal, the right place to start with, is through its culture. Instead of the typical tourist attractions, we're going to be talking about the undiscovered beauties and beloved customs that locals frequently overlook when planning a trip. These lesser-known customs from Portugal's rich cultural and historical tapestry lend a level of authenticity to your visit. So why not add these unusual cultural treasures to your travelogue?

Lisbon: The City Customs

1. Alfama's Secret Fado

Who doesn’t want to walk through Alfama's medieval alleyways in Lisbon? There's a secret, though, while everyone rushes to Fado households to enjoy the traditional musical experience. Locals gather in tucked-away corners, creating an intimate setting where Fado's raw emotions can be felt through the cobblestone streets. And you can discover Lisbon's heartfelt pulse.

2. Graffiti: A Form of Expression and Art

Lisbon's streets are a living canvas, an ever-changing gallery of street art. It's not just random graffiti; it's a form of expression. Each mural tells a story of rebellion, societal critique, or cultural pride. So grab a pair of walking shoes and explore the walls that reveal the city's hidden stories.

Porto: Beat-Based Festivities

1. Boat Races at Rabelo

Now let’s head to Porto for an event that goes beyond the traditional São João Festival. You can see the exciting scene of classic Rabelo boats racing along the Douro River here, that showcase Porto's nautical heritage. It's a custom that gives the city's celebrations a special burst of energy.

2. São João Festival

Although São João is well-known for its fireworks, the festival is more than just that. Have you ever heard of the lucky practice of slapping each other on the head with garlic flowers? it's a local custom that adds more to the celebration and gives them a lighthearted touch.

Coimbra: Hidden Academiques

1. The Invisible Fitas Queima das

Coimbra, with its rich academic traditions, has a hidden gem – the "Invisible Queima das Fitas."  It's an intimate celebration, a secret gathering where students get together in private to share the spirit of academic friendship. It's as if you've entered a realm where tradition meets true connection.

2. School Marches

Also, students in Coimbra play music outside their loved ones' windows. It's a delightful custom that fills the air with romance and cultural charm. So, if you find yourself in Coimbra, be sure to listen to the lovely tunes that echo throughout the city.

Faro: Enigmas of the Sea

1. The Marine History of the Algarve

Traveling south to the Algarve region's Faro, you'll find that the region's customs are shaped by its marine heritage. Faro's coastal settlements provide a fascinating glimpse into their way of life, from customs that date back centuries to ceremonies honoring their background as seafarers.

2. Concealed Fishing Customs

Dressed in distinctive attire, coastal custodians wear weathered, wide-brimmed hats and durable, layered clothing suited for the unpredictable sea. Families and friends gather to support their fishermen here. The early wake-up calls, group festivities, and a strong bond with the ocean make you fully experience the lifestyle of the shore.

Guimarães: The Lesser-Known Feasts 

Guimarães is rooted in craftsmanship. When you walk through the streets, you can find museums with rich cultural legacy away from the usual tourist attractions. Here, you can get a deeper look into the work of craftspeople—the expertly shape clay, weave elaborate fabrics, and precisely carved wood, providing a fascinating window into the city's ingrained customs.

When you happen to be in Portugal, don’t forget to explore beyond the obvious, seek the authentic, and let the undiscovered traditions become a meaningful part of your cultural odyssey in Portugal. Plan your journey now and unlock exclusive travel offers and cashback by booking through Viator.

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