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Breathtaking Train Rides from Zurich for Scenic Journeys

Zurich is the heart of Switzerland and serves as a starting point for an enthralling world of magnificent rail marvels. You’ll be mesmerized by the rhythmic buzz of trains as you enter this Alpine sanctuary and travel through dreamlike sceneries. The clickity-clack of the rails in Zurich promises an experience unlike any other, with its breathtaking Alps and tranquil lakeshores. These train trips will astound you with their crisp Swiss air and subtle chocolate undertones. See these famous train rides as a window into the unmatched splendor of Switzerland.  

Connecting Zurich to Zermatt

As the train quietly leaves the busy station in Zurich, it enters a scene straight out of a fairy tale. Known for being the "slowest express train in the world," the Glacier Express makes sure you don't miss a second of the breathtaking views. This journey is a work of Alpine beauty, winding through valleys, over quaint bridges, and up over snow-capped peaks.

Highlights Along the Journey —

Get ready to be enthralled by the magnificence of the Swiss Alps. As you travel through famous locations like the Oberalp Pass and the Rhine Gorge, sometimes referred to as the "Swiss Grand Canyon," the Glacier Express offers you a visual feast. The scenery unfurls like a painting, displaying spectacular mountains, charming towns, and glistening streams.

Zurich to Lucerne

Set out on an adventure where the calm of nature coexists with the sophistication of the city. Traveling from Zurich to Lucerne is a fantastic way to see both urban landscapes and breathtaking lake views. Enjoy views that appear to have jumped off a postcard as the train follows the shores of Lake Zug while you gaze at the still waters of Lake Zurich.

Highlights Along the Journey —

Make sure to get a peek at Zug, the quaint town, as the train glides over emerald meadows. It makes a fun pit stop before arriving at Lucerne, with its charming lakeside Old Town and medieval architecture. As protectors, the Kapellbrücke Bridge and the Water Tower beg you to enter Lucerne's magical embrace.

The Golden Pass Line

Set off on the scenic Golden Pass Line, which links Zurich and Montreux. Travel through thick forests, quaint villages, and lush fields. This trip is a chromatic symphony, particularly in the fall when the foliage turns into an amazing mural of crimsons, oranges, and golds.

Highlights Along the Journey —

As the train goes through Interlaken and Gstaad, take in the breathtaking Alpine scenery. Admire the vivid tapestry of wildflowers and the graceful architectural design of Swiss chalets. The voyage perfectly captures the spirit of Switzerland: a tasteful fusion of the grandeur of nature and human artistry.

Zurich to Interlaken

When you go from Zurich to Interlaken by rail, get ready for a visual feast. With snow-capped peaks, thick woods, and quaint Alpine villages passing by your window, the Swiss Alps are revealed in all their splendor. At every turn, this Alpine paradise displays a new dimension as the air gets sharper.

Highlights Along the Journey —

Stop in Bern, the capital of Switzerland, where contemporary culture blends with the medieval charm of the city. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old Town will call you to explore its winding lanes and unearthed treasures. The route passes via the town of Thun, which is home to the magnificent Lake Thun and the Thun Castle. At every step, expect to be enchanted.

Each of these train journeys is a chapter in a story that Switzerland's magnificent beauty has told. So, let the appeal of these picturesque train trips in Zurich be the next best thing you experience.

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