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48-Hour Guide to Exploring Prague: The Perfect Itinerary

Imagine for a second, you’re taking in the atmosphere of a bygone era while meandering through quaint cobblestone streets surrounded by Gothic buildings—that's Prague, at the very center of Europe, for you. You're in for a treat if you're considering a quick 48-hour getaway to this enchanted location. Fasten your seatbelts as we reveal the best-kept secrets of Prague, and plan the ideal two-day excursion through this historic city's breathtaking scenery. Come on, let's go!

Day 1: Old Town Marvels

Prague's first day is a trip through time that combines romance, history, and contemporary charm. Every second is a paintbrush stroke added to your canvas of life-changing events. Let's explore Day 1 in Prague in more detail!

Explore the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock

Take time to explore the many marvels of the Astronomical Clock as you begin your day. Then, discover the Old Town Square's enchanting aura as the sun moves across the cobblestones, each with its own historical tale. After taking a few pictures and enjoying the charm, take your time before moving on to your next trip.

Discover the Old Town on Foot Followed By Czech Lunch 

Next, take on an enthralling walk through the streets of Prague's Old Town to admire the art and architecture with locals and other tourists. As you wander around the city's famous streets, stop by ‘Restaurace MINCOVNA’ for a delicious Czech lunch. Savor regional dishes like Trdelník and goulash and take in the tranquil scenery. 

Sunset Pleasures: Above-Roof Bars

Visit Prague's highest rooftop bars ‘Aureole’ as the day breaks to make the most of your time there. Imagine yourself enjoying a locally brewed beer while taking in the breath-blowing vistas. As the sun sets and warm hues paint the skyline, feel the pulse of the city beneath your feet. It's a really happy moment.

Prague Castle at Night and Riverside Dinner

Explore the fascinating world of Prague Castle as night falls. Explore its storied hallways and take in the classic architecture against the backdrop of the night. Finish your evening with supper by the river at ‘Bellevue’, where modern pleasures coexist with old-world charm, and make lasting memories that extend beyond the final mouthful.

Day 2: Bohemian Rhapsody

Day 2 is a symphony of art, flavors, and life-changing experiences, a Bohemian Rhapsody. You'll experience the beauty of Prague, a memento to appreciate long after you've said goodbye to the city. Savor every note of this eclectic masterpiece!

Wenceslas Square and the National Museum to Start Your  Morning.

Take a walk across Wenceslas Square appreciating its splendor to start the day off right. Allow the past of this famous site to soak through your senses. Explore the National Museum at your leisure; each exhibit reveals a different aspect of the history of the city. This is the majesty of Prague waking up.

Lesser Town and Lennon Wall for a day of bohemian flair

As the day wears on, lose yourself in Lesser Town's creative atmosphere. Stroll down quaint lanes dotted with colorful homes and inviting cafes. The Lennon Wall is a creative haven where you can find inspiration and take a few snaps before you move on to your next stop. 

Beer Tasting and Local Breweries 

Experience the authentic Bohemian spirit of the city by participating in tastings at local breweries, where the rich tapestry of Czech brewing comes to life and makes you feel like a local. Dive headfirst into the heart of Czech culture by learning about its beer scene.

A 3-hour eating experience in Prague will introduce you to the charm of medieval times. You’ll be inside a candlelit bar and start the evening with a cup of beer or wine. Revel in a five-course hearty meal of medieval cuisine as jugglers, belly dancers, and swordsmen take the stage. Lose yourself in the music and excitement, encounter colorful characters, and allow the city to say farewell as you enjoy a traditional Czech farewell feast. 


Now is the time to treasure the memories of a voyage that defies time as we say goodbye to the City of a Hundred Spires. Prague provides a lasting impression with its dynamic current and rich history. Cheers to 48 hours filled with magical moments, fresh perspectives, and the allure of Prague. 

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