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38-Hour Itinerary in Amsterdam, Netherlands!

Ready for a whirlwind tour of Amsterdam, one that will make your head spin (in a good way, of course)?

If you plan to be in this city for just about 38 hours or so, you’re not a typical tourist here. Rather, you’re on a mission to find the most incredible things this city has to offer that are hidden away. So, let’s tie your shoelaces and talk about how to pack as much pleasure, excitement, and culture as possible into this constrained amount of time. 

With just 38 hours in your hand, you’ll have to head straight into the center of this city, home to several bikes, trendy neighborhoods, and well-known canals.

Day 1 – 

Morning Hours

1. Vondelpark Sunrise

Start your Amsterdam experience with a morning around the Vondelpark in the morning that will quickly make you feel at ease. The sun peeking through the trees and the crisp aroma of nature will put an end to your jet lag.

2. De Bakkerswinkel for Breakfast

Time to indulge your palates! Go to the neighborhood treasure De Bakkerswinkel, which has exquisite breakfast fare. The cozy atmosphere and delectable pastries will fulfill all of your breakfast fantasies, whether you have a sweet tooth or a savory one.

3. Van Gogh Museum

Your next destination is the Van Gogh Museum. Get here to explore the brilliant colors, masterful brushwork, and an in-depth look at the world of art. You’ll learn about more than just the art on display. 

Afternoon Hours 

4. Take a Canal Tour

Take a canal tour that will give you an up-close look at Amsterdam's splendor as you glide past the famous canals and breathtaking sites. You might want to grab your camera at every opportunity and capture the city's amazing views from a whole new angle!

5. Lunch at Foodhallen

A local gem that’s got the breakfast game on point. It gives you a wide variety of local and international delicacies, from gourmet nibbles to street food after all that sailing has worked up an appetite. So grab a tray, make your choice, and give your taste buds a treat. 

6. Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House will take you back in time as you discover the poignant story of Anne Frank and the secret annex, where each room has a historical resonance. Learn all about how Anne wrote her diary during World War II and where she hid with her family.

Evening Hours 

7. Shopping on Nine Streets

Nine Streets in Amsterdam is a stylish and modern neighborhood that offers more than simply shopping. Walk down the cobblestone streets where upscale stores are available to discover one-of-a-kind treasures and souvenirs that will make you reach for your wallet. 

8. Dinner at 't IJ Brouwerij

As the evening draws in, head to Brouwerij 't IJ to end the day on a delicious note. This isn't your average dinner spot, it’s a brewery in a historic windmill with a setting as unique as the hearty food and artisan brews they serve. 

After a day jam-packed with exploration, it's time to call it a day and take the well-deserved rest. 

Day 2 – 

Morning Hours 

9. Albert Cuyp Market

The city’s biggest street market, Albert Cuyp Market, has a diverse range of local shops selling everything from unique items to fresh fruit. Get here to have the multi-sensorial experience that introduces you to the bustling Amsterdam culture.

Afternoon Hours 

10. Explore Nemo Science Museum and Lunch at Café George

Take a thrilling tour around the sea while you explore the boat-shaped NEMO Science Museum. This interactive museum will take you through a sea of fun and learning, and if you're feeling peckish by this time, treat yourself to a leisurely lunch at the stylish restaurant Café George, which is right in the Museum Quarter. 

Evening Hours 

11. Views at A'DAM Lookout 

A'DAM provides expansive views of the city, quaint canals, stunning buildings, and the lively atmosphere that makes Amsterdam so unforgettable. With a smile on your face and a wealth of memories, take a few pictures to bid adieu to this beautiful city.

12. Drinks with Sunset at Sky Lounge

Enjoy a couple of drinks with sunset views at Skylounge—to round off your trip across Amsterdam. It will be a perfect spot to raise a glass to the experiences gained, the sights seen, and the excitement of a fast-paced journey as the sun sets over the city.

Now that your 38-hour itinerary is all planned out, pre-book your spots for canal cruises, museum visits, and other experiences on Viator to make your trip fun and hassle-free. 

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